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Laura Mora i Aubert

Technology and laboratory

Representative of the Association in Girona

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Representative of the Association in Madrid

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Representative of the Association in Andalucía

Juan Miguel Pulpillo Fernández


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How are we structured?

In ASPERTIC there are five categories of experts: The non-exercising, Cadet, Junior Senior and Tutor

The non-exercising is one who by his/her current circumstances, does not want or can not do expert appraisals on his/her own, but can be trained and work hand in hand with other experts.

The Cadet is one who has not finished basic training, can not do expert appraisals on his/her own, but can be trained by accompanying his/her tutor.

The Junior has already two years of training or has already completed 10 expert reports and 50 hours of additional training, in a subject that is not his/her specialty. Joint signature with another expert, who supervises it, is mandatory.

The Senior is one who has completed 5 years of training or if he/she has done 25 expert reports and 100 hours of additional training, in a subject that is not his own specialty. He/she must also prove that he/she has written at least 5 technical articles and given at least 10 hours of training. It is recommended that the signature of the expert reports be joint with another expert, who supervises it.

Tutor, is that Senior expert who has reached 10 years of professional development, recognized as a good trainer, as a writer and with added capabilities. The figure of Tutor is also recognized for those people who for their personal worth or work in favor of the profession, represent an asset and an example to follow.

On this web you will only find the experts from the junior, senior and tutor categories.

Types of interventions we carry out

Technical Interventions: The one in which the forensic means of ICT are used to detect, investigate or solve a problem. Above all resilience is sought, that is, knowledge of what has happened and that the system works again.

Reports (I): The account of a technical intervention. It is the explanation about the state of a thing and about the circumstances surrounding a fact.

Compliance audits: Some legal regulations applicable to the technical world require compliance audits (lopd-ENS-compliance, …). Compliance audits are a legal snapshot of the system at any given time. Always in the knowledge that auditor or expert and consultant are exclusive figures.

Reports (II): They are reports with special attention to the chain of custody and the obtaining and preparation of the evidence. The report entails an expert opinion, which can be economic (appraisal).

Expert Appraisals: are opinions thought to be used judicially. It places particular emphasis on the chain of custody, the procedure and the legality of the expert intervention, to allow the counter-expertise at all times.