I welcome you to ASPERTIC, the Mediterranean Association of ICT Informatics Experts.

First of all, I would like you to know our area of ​​work that begins in cable telephony and ends in biotechnology. Between the two specialties there is a continuum of specializations that we have tried to group in the twenty-one areas that can be selected.

It will have a special impact on cybersecurity, but we can not talk about cybersecurity if we do not have security specialists before. The European Cybersecurity Directive, the creation of the concept of “critical infrastructure” or the regulation on transnational crime calls for “ad hoc” specialists. And that is what we have tried to do, having exceptional security specialists to support cybersecurity specialists.

Finally, we have been able to group specialists in the various audits and certifications. Many experts are legal audits of technological environments and vice versa. The lack of auditors in data protection, ISO27001 or Corporate Social Responsibility or “Compliance”, would make the association faulty.
All the partners that you can find in our Association are publicly recognized as one of the best in their respective specializations, although their admission has been thanks to maintaining an ethical position beyond any doubt, as professionals.

I hope the association can be useful to you.

Josep Jover Padró